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Vision and Mission

Vision: Uniting Fijians through Authentic and Accessible Archival Records.

  1. Inspire Fijians to Explore the records of their Country.
  2. Safeguard our recorded Cultural heritage by preserving archival materials in accordance with international standard’s ……read more


The National Archives of Fiji was established in 1954 as the Central Archives of Fiji and the Western Pacific High Commission.
It s initial role was to preserve the Public Records of Fiji.  The name of the department was changed to the National Archives of Fiji after Fiji attained its independence in 1970.....read more

Fiji Islands Administrative History

David Whippy appointed Vice Consul for the United States of America following the return of United States Exploring Expedition under the command of Commodore Wilkes to the United States

W T Pritchard, the first British Consul to be appointed to Fiji arrived in Levuka

1871 – March 1874 
Kingdom of Fiji – Cakobau Government

March 1874 – October 1874 
Ad-Interim Government

10 October 1874 – 31st August 1875 
Provisional or Temporary Government of Fiji

September 1875 – October 1970 
Colony of Fiji

10th October 1970 – May 1987 
Independent Government of Fiji


14th May 1987 – October 1987 
Military Administration

7th October 1987 – May 2000 
Republic of Fiji

19th May 2000 – June 2000 
Fiji Interim Military Government

July 2000 – March 2001 
Fiji Interim Civilian Government

September 2001 – December 2006 
Republic of the Fiji Islands Government

5th December 2006 – April 2009 
Fiji Interim Government

10th April 2009 
Abrogation of Constitution 

April 2009 – 16th September 2014
Fiji’s Interim Government

October 2014
Government of Fiji

Archives Updates

Nabitu Primary School tour

For first timer to the National Archives Class five student Jona Jese Rokomatu of Nabitu Primary in Tokatoka, Tailevu, he …
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New Zealand author visits the National Archives

For quarter of a century the Royal New Zealand Air Force made some major contributions to the Fiji. Based at …
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Australia Award Impacts National Archives

A team from Australia is in Fiji to gather information and produce videos on the progress of past recipients of …
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